Adventure Dice!

Welcome to the Adventure Dice polyhedral dice rolling app!

This app is intended to be used for table-top role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and others! Here are some instructions to get you started, when you're feeling ready, click the bouncing arrow below to go to the Adventure Dice Roller.


  1. Choose a die to roll by pressing the "roll" button underneath the type of die you want to roll!
  2. Your roll will be displayed on the interface
  3. Up to 10 rolls for each type of die will be displayed on the interface.
  4. Use the "clear rolls" button to clear all of the rolls from the interface! Make sure you write down any important rolls before doing this.
  5. That's it! I hope this enhances your tabletop game campaign! More features will be added to this app as I am able to create them!

Thank you for using this app, it was made with 💖

Created at Juno College

Background artwork created by Johanna Rupprecht and copyright Saylua.

Used with permission

Adventure Dice!

the outline of a twenty-sided die
the outline of a twelve sided die
the outline of a ten sided die
the outline of an eight sided die
the outline of a six sided die
the outline of a four sided die